Cyril Greene

Cyril D. Greene

Cyril D. Greene

Cyril D. Greene, a.k.a., Mantrasana, born March 4, 1947.

“I became interested in music when I was about nine years old. I saw a man playing ‘Oh My Papa’ on the trumpet on TV and asked my mom for a trumpet. She got me one for Christmas but I was told that I didn’t have enough breath to play it. I re-discovered the trumpet in my last year of high school and resumed studies in my 3rd year of college when I was granted a scholarship to NYU school of education. I’ve been playing ever since.”

“I listen to and like so many performers. I guess if I had to single out any it would be Lee Morgan and Clifford Brown.”

He received his degree from New York University in Music Education in 1971.

Cyril D. Greene has retired as an elementary music teacher.  He is well known for his contribution of music to countless children from FDR H.S., JHS 157, PS 270, PS 11, PS 329, and PS 5.

Cyril D. Greene studied with Jimmy Owens.

He has performed with Roy Freeman, Gwen McRae, The Joneses, Clark Terry, Frank Foster, The Neville Brothers, Roy Alexander, Anaje Allen Gumbs, Roland Alexander, Jeff King, Larry Riddley, Stanley Banks, and many other  artists.

Cyril D. Greene

Cyril D. Greene

He had the pleasure of performing with The Samba Space Ship & Brazilian Follies, Clark Terry Youth Ensemble, Frank Foster-The Loud Minority, Subway, Pilots, Tonal Artistes, The Magnum Band, Cotton Club Orchestra, Obasala Ensemble, The Ray Abrams Big Band, Metamorphose, Kenny Forsh Ensemble, and is currently a part of Resura Arkestra.

Cyril has recorded with Sir Charles Hughes, Vaughn Harper, The WordEchoes of FaithJuiceHH4K, and Resura Arkestra.